The Fresh Face of Interior Design: A Look at the Work of Sarah Richardson


When the show design inc. first went on the air it
had the potential to be a success. The show’s cast
and crew were armed and ready with ideas and
excitement. Each of the show’s design members
had achieved success on their own but when put
together; they proved to be a creative force to be
reckoned with.

Leading the team as design inc.’s Gemini
Award-Winning host, co-producer and cocreator
is Sarah Richardson, a designer known
for her signature style and inventive solutions
toward design. Sarah’s positive outlook and
fresh, creative style has proven that she has
what it takes to not only be a part of a fabulous
design team, but to stand alone in a sea of talent
where the work of individuals can become lost.
Through her hard work and dedication, Sarah
Richardson has proved worthy of her title as
one of Canadian House and Home Magazine’s
foremost Canadian “stylemakers”.

In 1995, Sarah was given the opportunity
to work behind the scenes as a prop stylist and
set decorator. From this first glimpse into the
world of lifestyle television, Sarah’s career has
skyrocketed her into the designing icon she is
today. Her impressive professional resume also
boasts her work on the show Room Service,
which she co-created and hosted. The show
offered viewers an unscripted, “in your face”
look at the world of reality design.

According to the show’s HGTV bio (the
Canadian network that airs the show), “Room
Service host, Sarah Richardson, shows you how
to recognize the potential of any space, where to
look for inspiration and how to make innovative
design ideas work. Each episode focuses on
the re-design of an entire room—from initial
inspiration to final transformation.”

Mirroring Room Service’s success and style is
Sarah’s design inc. With a knock on their door,
the way the client views interior design is altered
when they meet Sarah for the first time and
discuss plans for the room in question.
According to the design inc. website, “a knock
on the door introduces design inc. host Sarah
Richardson to the client for the first time ever.
This initial meeting forms the foundation for the
inspired ideas that launch a real interior design
project, shaped around the client’s objectives and
personal style.”

The key to design inc.’s success is the show’s
ability to offer viewers an in-depth look at the
design process while exposing the truths of
interior design. “Design inc. dispels the myths of
the interior design process — it can’t always be
done in three days flat,” explains the design inc.
bio. “Inviting the audience to follow an “as-ithappens”
experience with a realistic approach to
any and every challenge.”

Along with Sarah’s television success has
been her design company, Sarah Richardson
Designs, which stays true to her unique and
fresh individual style for interior design. For the
past eight years Sarah has run her design firm,
achieving personal success alongside that of her
shows. The company caters to what each private
clients need while still infusing the space with
Sarah’s ability to “create comfortable, stylish and
classic environments for living,” the company’s
website explained. The company has also
recently released a line of furniture that “brings
together…tactile fabrics, quality workmanship
and simplicity of line and form.”

With her success in the worlds of both
Canadian design and media – she is also the
Contributing Design Editor for Canadian Home
and Country Magazine – it’s hard to imagine a
part of the design world left to conquer. But one
this is for sure and that is that Sarah Richardson
doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time

For information on Room Service, design inc.
or Sarah Richardson visit,, and/or www.

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