The Golden Girl remains Golden?

The Golden Girl remains Golden?

By Kelsey Lyons

Despite the trouble Donald Trump’s campaign has caused, his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump still shines.
Ivanka has always been a devoted wife and mother and she has always focused more on the family business rather than politics.
Yes, she may be flying around, going to press conferences and asking people to vote for her father, but she says she’s just simply a daughter supporting her father. Last Sunday the 34 year-old gave birth to her third child, Theodore James Kushner, bringing some good news for the Trump family. Ivanka has a lot going for her right now, especially with her growing family, but what about her business?
Ivanka has her own clothing and accessory line, which she still continues to post about on Instagram and Twitter, but it has officially been removed from the Trump Organization’s main site, due to the fact that the majority of her merchandise is made in foreign countries, such as China. This has something to do with her father who continues to exploit companies who have work done overseas. This will affect her business a little bit, but not so much in the US as it will other places.

A branding and retail consultant Carol Spieckerman said in an article from the Toronto Star that this may not be affecting her sales in the US, but her sales will most likely decline in other countries, where her line is popular. Ivanka is making a huge effort in keeping the family’s real-estate empire in tact while her father is busy campaigning, but she’s still struggling. Donald Trump continues to speak poorly of immigrants in the US, one example being Mexicans immigrants. Due to remarks made by her father about Mexican immigrants being criminals and such, she lost two chefs at the family’s Washington Hotel.

Ivanka generally stays away from the media when it comes to her Father. She has not stated whether or not she agrees with his campaign, but that she is just playing the role of his daughter as anyone would. It doesn’t seem as though she cares about politics, she is seems to be focusing on her family and the Trump family business, trying her best to keep it in tact without stepping on her father’s toes. Ivanka has always written/posted on her website with topics tailored towards women and making them feel empowered, and this still remains. Mid March Ivanka recently asked her followers to post on Instagram how they wear her clothing and accessories, using the hashtag #WearITtoWork. This allowed women to show how they feel beautiful and comfortable in Ivanka’s products, overall having women reflect on each other’s clothes and spread the positive attitude.

Ivanka’s line focuses on working women and she is straying away from her father’s demeaning comments about women and how they dress and portray themselves to the world.

Word of advise from fellow fashion lovers that are women on this side of the border Ivanka, use your women empowerment platform to unite women of different religions, cultures and ethnicities. Speak up now or forever carry this target on your back- we are our parents children but we are also individuals and we must express that- what is a better time than now?

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