The Kollar Spring/ Summer 2017

The Kollar Spring/ Summer 2017

By Allison Bartucci

The Kollar Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion show was modern and causal.

They showcased a collection of elevated Streetwear. The show consisted of mainly a solid pallet of beige, green, grey and light brown with one t-shirt in a Camouflage pattern. The styles that were seen on the runway were jackets, bother bomber style and denim in beige and blue, t-shirts, tank tops and button up collared t-shirts. There was a lot of detailing on the sleeves of the button up t-shirts and jackets, whether it was ribbing, bunching or a zippered pocket, making the shirts and jacket very interesting and really standout on the runway. The t-shirts also really stood out on the runway as the models looked like they were wearing two shirts with one a little longer than the other. Another style that was showcased on the runway was a ripped look, which was seen on the denim jacket and the denim pants. Overall the fashion show was a great assortment of styles for Spring/ Summer 2017.


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