The Many Benefits of Tea

The Many Benefits of Tea

January 2014

We all know that drinking a hot cup of tea is beneficial to our health, but how much do we really know about it?  The crazy amounts of types of tea in stores can make choosing and buying the right type overwhelming.  And finding time to integrate it into your everyday life can seem like a hassle. Learning what types you would prefer and benefit you the most, in advance, will make all of this much more enjoyable.  There are so many different types of tea to choose from. However, there are a few that provide you with a greater amount of healthy advantages than others. 


            Many people prefer a hot cup of green tea in the morning, rather than a cup of coffee.  It is good to drink green tea at any time of day.  However the easiest way to incorporate it you’re your day is to have it in the morning.  There are so many outstanding health benefits to green tea, but what makes it an ideal breakfast drink is the fact that it contains the caffeine fix that most of us need before starting out the day.  Although green tea only contains a portion of the amount of caffeine that coffee does, it includes several other natural stimulants that will give you that morning kick.  Furthermore, this tea contains many antioxidants that help prevent cancer, it is a natural fat burner, helps improve your memory, and lowers cholesterol levels. 


For an ideal anytime tea fix, try white tea.  It is the least processed of teas, hardly contains any caffeine, and is naturally sweet.  On top of that, it contains numerous anti-oxidants and is one of the top cancer fighting teas out there. 

            If waking up in the morning isn’t a problem for you, but falling asleep at night is, chamomile tea is the answer to your problem. For decades, people have been using chamomile as a solution to insomnia because it has been proven to relieve the nervous system.  Chamomile tea also boosts the immune system thanks to its anti-bacterial effects.  Consuming too much, however, may upset your stomach.  Ergo, having just a cup or two while watching television or reading a book before bed will help you get the sleep you deserve.