The Perfect Girls Day Out: The International Women’s Show

The Perfect Girls Day Out: The International Women’s Show

November 2013

Amanda Labelle

The modern day woman is complex and vibrant and she has a lot of interests and concerns to be met. In her tightly-packed schedule, though, it is very hard to stay on-top of everything that is frequently running through her mind.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one magical place that you could visit that would cover all of your areas of concern as a woman? In this magical place you would be able to get the low-down on the latest fashions from clothing, jewelry, and eyewear, to beauty products, lingerie, and you would be able to receive a makeover and some style and beauty tips. You would be able to get tips on how to stay healthy, on alternative health options and cosmetic procedures, and get the facts about breast cancer, osteoporosis, diet, and nutrition. You would be able to learn about the benefits of a regular workout routine and how to fit it into your schedule, or fun ways to relax, great getaways, and where to plan your next holiday with the help of travel pros. You could also find the latest in organic skin care and beauty products, cosmetics, baby care, local and organic foods, along with eco-fashion and accessories, and sustainable home furnishings. Somewhere where you could learn about the latest home décor trends from the pros, and find out how to renovate and refresh your home, and how to organize. It would also be a place where you could get advice on taking that next step in your career, starting a business, and get training and investment strategies. And it would be a place where you could sample the latest food and beverage products, including wine, and learn wholesome recipes and great last minute or gourmet meal ideas.


I know what you’re thinking, that a place like this is too good to be true, but they actually have all of this and more at the Toronto International Women’s Show November 1st – 3rd at the Metro Convention Centre. The show is broken up into thematic zones: the Fashion & Style District, the Health & Wellness Zone, the Travel, Fitness & Leisure Zone, the World of Taste Zone, the Business & Career Centre, the Home Reno Zone, the Organic Living Zone, and the Grand Sud Bistro.

 Celebrities and Guest Speakers

Being a 3 day event, there is plenty of time to navigate through every zone and get the best of everything the show has to offer. And with over 400 exhibitors, there is definitely a lot to see. If you do arrive early on the first day, though, you receive a free swag bag full of wonderful goodies and products.

 Learning Sessions

The show is being advertized as the “Ultimate Girls Day Out,” and indeed it is; with the perfect combination of shopping, relaxation and enjoyment, learning, and revitalizing, and at only $20 a ticket ($15 if you buy two and bring a friend) this really is the most rewarding one-stop shopping experience you will have all year; it’s definitely worth seeing. 

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