The Popularity of Organic Makeup

The Popularity of Organic Makeup

March 2014

LiAnne Beland

Have you ever picked up a popular, non-organic moisturizer or even makeup palette and taken a second to look at the ingredients?  For a lot of us, doing so brings forth the biggest reality check of all.  Society is becoming more and more eco-conscious, and with that consciousness comes an overwhelming amount of eco-friendly products.  We are not only looking for organic and eco-friendly cleaning products and foods.  These days, we are also starting to take in a bigger appreciation and interest in organic beauty products, more specifically; makeup. 


            Products nowadays, similarly to food, contain numerous ingredients that scarily, most of us don’t recognize or can even pronounce.  When you really start to think about it, putting unfamiliar and toxic products onto your skin doesn’t seem like a particularly safe thing to do.  Organic makeup and beauty products are becoming so popular because society as a whole has become more eco-friendly than ever.  We are starting to prioritize health and well-being over the end result that chemical-filled products will give us.  We are lucky enough to be informed of the dangerous side effects of certain products thanks to the advancement of science and research that we now have access to.  Not only are many makeup brands developing products that will respond to society’s new interest in organic products, but there are also many brands that are organic as a whole, developing and selling only organic products. 


            With this subject comes a few concerns.  For example, the question of; how much is too much?  In other words, are we becoming too concerned with buying organic products?  Another concern is that our obsession with organic and eco-friendly products just a fad or trend that we are all falling into without realizing it.  There are indeed many of us indeed who think that it is simply a fad, and that we are all falling into herd mentality.  It can seem companies are taking advantage of it by selling their organic lines of products for a bigger amount of money than regular products.    Even if there is truth to either of these concerns, in the end, society’s interest in organic products will only do us good in the end.  Being aware of what we put into and onto our bodies is so important, and this awareness has had a long time coming.


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