The Survival of Hardcopy

The Survival of Hardcopy

By: Christopher Mello

Do Novels Stand a Chance, Competing with the Online World?


As we progress further into the future and advance our studies and technology, the world begins to see a decrease in print material of all kinds. Traditional hardcopy novels seem to almost be a thing of the past, while post-secondary textbooks at striving to force students into purchasing the more expensive hardcopy version. Can it be concluded that the touch of hardcopy is a thing soon to be of the past, or is this just a faze for some?


Studies say that once the “baby boomer” generation passes, the dawn of the age of technology will rise. The need for print is failing as we see- publications like newspaper, magazines, etc are all throwing away the need to waste money in print, now pursuing the smarter take to the online version. Of course there are still some who insist on the hardcopy versions of things, meaning even after purchasing a novel on an e-book they still go out and purchase the hardcopy version of the novel for double the amount. With recent posted studies by the e-book/technological world an increase of sales went up in 159.8%, while a decrease in print went down in 23.4% and rapidly still declining as we speak.


With more then half of public libraries shut down in Ontario, it’s a sure sign that future students have no need for the traditional way of doing your research in libraries actually reading manuscripts upon manuscripts. Each piece of information has been translated into online. Translating that the majority of Universities and Colleges have now published the majority of the textbooks, manuscripts, novels, plays, etc online into they’re databases, so either way your going to need an access card of some sort once the building is replaced for another use. Vastly approaching is the age of technology- proof being newly built hospitals are only technology invested, like the new Humber Hospital being built on Keele and Wilson, just off of the 401.