The Survival of Magazines in the Digital World

The Survival of Magazines in the Digital World

March 2014

Lianne Beland

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            There is no questioning the fact that the digital world has been increasingly growing over the past decade.  With today’s advancement in technology, there is a lot of worry and questioning about whether or not many things will be able to survive the next few years when they are almost being replaced by technology.  Take for example online shopping.  Many retailers are worried that online shopping will eventually fully take over the retail world, and they are starting to consider popular online retailers as threats, rather than actual stores.  This is one of the main reasons why most retail stores have established their own websites.  The same goes for publications. 

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Now that we have so much accessible to us on the internet, we could very well be without radio, television, newspapers and magazines and still know about what is going on in the world.  Actually, with the search engines that we have access too, such as google or yahoo, we can find almost any information or articles for free, that we would normally have to pay for if we were purchasing magazines.  Which is what a lot of us have acquired the habit of doing.  We want information quickly, and we prefer to not pay for it if we have the option.  Think of how quick and convenient is it to open your smart phone and enter a keyword in google.  When you start to think of all of the bloggers online, there are many more news or even fashion articles available to us on the internet.

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       Still, there is the comfort and pleasure that comes with purchasing your favorite magazine and flipping through the pages on your way to work, or school, or even in the morning while you sip your coffee.  For a lot of us, reading articles from a computer or smartphone screen just isn’t the same as having the magazine in hand and reading from the pages.  There is no doubt that the digital world is becoming more popular and that there is more information accessible to us, but many of us will still take the time to go out and pay three or four dollars to have our most loved magazine in hand.  Magazines may be becoming somewhat less popular due to the digital world, however; they have not yet been taken over.       


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