The Zodiac Workout

The Zodiac Workout

JAN 2013

Ever wonder if your zodiac sign has specific fitness needs? Maybe that’s because you’re a Leo you need more cardio opposed to say a Virgo’s work out regime. Fitness professionals are noticing that personality traits found in each specific star sign, do indeed differ in workout needs and wants.

Zodiac signs bring insight into your basic nature and can help you find the perfect fitness plan that suits all your personal traits and needs.

Aquarians often enjoy long walks on a scenic route, biking leisurely through neighbourhoods and keeping track of their progress with the latest fitness technology.

Pisces love the water and gravitate to swimming in the ocean or laps at local fitness centres. Boxing is a great way for this sign to burn off some aggression and fuel their adrenalin needs.

The more productive Scorpio finds ways throughout their day by not only physically working out, but by completing housework and multitasking.

Sagittarius and Capricorns love routines in their workouts, while the archer obviously is drawn to exercises that involve skills; the goat sticks to daily routine classes like step, pilates or swimming laps.

Leo’s love being the centre of attention, so classes are not places they will usually gravitate to. Running, swimming, and adventuring are all activities that fuel the lions needs to perform and feel whole.

Virgo’s are the opposite, and prefer to work out either alone or in a one-on-one training session. Keeping a favourite workout tape at home is also a great way Virgo’s keep slim and trim.

Hate schedules? You must be a Libra who would rather sign up for weekly classes to help motivate them to reach their goals. Classes like dancing and ballet help fuel their love for beauty and expression.

The strong Taurus needs routine and discipline, working in a high intensity class or with a trainer who can challenge them. They tend to gravitate towards strength building, rowing and team sports.

Aries, another fire sign, needs long endurance runs, high intensity cardio and mountain biking or cross country activities. Fire signs have lots of energy to burn and really do need to feel like they have earned their workout.
Gemini’s enjoy bringing out the enjoyment and pleasure in working out, they like fun dance classes, aqua fitness, and cardio classes that engage their mind and soul.
Any form of aquatic exercise means you are a true Cancer, loving the solo workouts like swimming laps or workout tapes at home.

Following your sign and its specific personality traits will help you gain fulfillment in your daily workout regime. Following your signs true characteristics will only make your healthy life style even better.

Online sources have great articles on Zodiac fitness, containing resources that are helpful when thinking about adding your sign into your workout routine.