By Madison Lynch

THEFACESHOP is natural beauty brand that believes that nature is the key to making beauty products that show results. THEFACESHOP initially launched in Korea in 2003, and quickly became the top local beauty brand. Expanding oversea’s in 2008 THEFACESHOP experienced a 40% growth, which to us speaks for the quality of the product.

THEFACESHOP offers numerous different products at a price range that will please everyone. They have 8 different lines; skincare, makeup, deep cleansing, face masks, body lotions and sprays, hair care products and even a line for Men’s products.

You will find THEFACESHOP in almost all larger scale malls throughout Toronto and the GTA. Be sure to grab yourself a couple face masks! (They’re our favourite!)


To view more products from THEFACESHOP head to

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