Three Steps to the Perfect Man-Cave

Three Steps to the Perfect Man-Cave

June 2013

Samantha Lawson

What was once an urban myth is now a common reality: the man-cave exists and is taking over basements and garages everywhere. If you feel you’re missing out, have no fear – you too, can have your very own men’s-only hideout!


Step One: Size and Theme

Man Cave 001


As popularity rises, these caves are becoming increasingly extravagant. If you have over 5 cars in your driveway, then by all means, take it to the extreme. But if you are an average Joe just looking to personalize a space in your home, then stick with us. There are three important aspects to consider while planning your man-cave: seating, TV and movement space.



As for your theme, search your mind, find something you love and stick to it. Chances are there is a deep seeded (maybe not so deep) idea that you won’t get sick of – typically sports, cars or movies are themes of choice.



Second Step: Show Me the Money



Without sounding like your mother, or dare I say wife, you’ll need to set a realistic budget. Of course, the perfect man-cave would be made without a budget, but we can’t all be Bill Gates. Without major renovation, a budget around $6000 would allow for a great entertainment system, sofa, fridge and some cool additions.


Step Three: Browse and Buy!

Man Cave TV


For about $1700, it is possible to a decent sized television with most, if not all, the bells and whistles. The Panasonic 55” Smart Viera Full HD 3D Plasma TV ($1699) is highly reviewed and would fit nicely into any man-cave.


Seating is key – it is important to consider the company you will be entertaining. One huge armchair may be perfect for you, but your buddies won’t appreciate sitting on the kitchen chairs they had to pull in themselves. Stick to a large, leather sofa (like this Venetian Theater by SeatCraft ($1399) to accommodate for those long nights of overtimes and movie marathons.



In order to amplify the theatre quality of your man-cave, a surround sound system will transfer the room into your own home movie theatre. The Pioneer HTZ-BD91HW 2.1 Blu-ray home theater system ($999) features newly designed sound wing speaker technology that creates an immersive 360-degree surround sound experience.


The perfect man-cave is not complete without a refrigerator to store drinks, and lucky for you, the Whynter Beverage Refrigerator ($299) provides storage for 117 cans. We’ll cheers to that!

Man Cave Fridge


Now’s the time for that one fun gadget that you’ve been pining over forever – steer clear of the novelty toys and find an item that you know you will use for years to come. Whether you love foosball, billiards or remote-controlled cars – splurge on your fave – like this Fat Cat Tirade Foosball Table ($399).


As for the rest of that budget, spend it on your wife. Because who are we kidding, you’re going to need permission.