Tips for “winterizing” your beauty routine

Tips for “winterizing” your beauty routine

By: Kerriann J



As the cooler months are fast approaching; the air starts to get slightly drier and so does our skin (yikes!) No need to panic, here at Fashion Weekly we have put together a list of tips and tricks to incorporate into your beauty routine to help you get through yet another Canadian winter.


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 4

The most important step in any beauty routine is investing a really great moisturizer. The beauty experts at FW has suggested FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve; it is light weight, Provides 24hr hydration & is suitable for all skin types!


  1. Need even more deeper Hydration?3

Are you feeling like your skin still needs an extra boost of moisture? A hydrating face mask will do the trick! All you need is 10 minutes in your routine to allow the mask to do wonders for your skin. Here are a few suggestions: ORIGINS drink up; it is super rich & creamy, all natural, plus it’s great for all skin types.


KORRES Greek yoghurt advanced nourshing sleeping facial; this one is packed with tons vitamins & proteins, leave it on overnight & wake up with super soft and supple skin in the morning. 1

*FW Tip: ALWAYS use an exfoliator before applying any facial masks. Exfoliating gets rid of any dead skin cells, dry/rough patches on the skin, also it allows the mask to penetrate much more effectively.


  1. Get Glowy5

This is the time of the year when our skin starts looking a little lack-lustre/dull. One of the best products on the market we might suggest is GLAM GLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment; an exfoliating mud mask that leaves your skin with a refreshing glow in only 10 minutes!


If you’re pressed for time and need that instant glowy complexion, LAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer: Radiance is definitely worth a try! It will give you an instant dewy, radiant complexion that is perfect to wear alone or under foundation.



  1. Inexpensive Beauty

One of the best kept beauty secrets since ancient Egyptian times, was the use of olive oil on the face, hair & body. Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be the perfect staple item to incorporate into your beauty regime. It is all natural and full of antioxidants!

Here are just a few tips of what to do with your new beauty weapon:

-Removing makeup (even stubborn eye makeup)

-Great for moisturizing the hair and skin

-Just add a few drops to your bath for extra moisture

-Warm up roughly 1/4 cup of olive oil then apply it to your hair for approximately 30mins or more then shampoo, this will add lots of shine and moisture back to your hair