Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running Safe and Smooth

By: Amanda Bloye, FW Writer

With the winter season fast approaching, there is no time like
the present to ensure that your vehicle is in full working order.
The cold affects every part of the car from the engine, to the
brakes, to the windows, wipers and locks. As a result, car
maintenance is an essential, occasionally overlooked, aspect
of automobile ownership. Here are a few tips to keeping your
vehicle looking and running at its best.

Find your auto soul mate. The first thing
individuals should consider when looking
at car maintenance is a good mechanic. By
finding a mechanic you interact easily with, you
eliminate the possibility of shady behaviour and
unexplained fees. By developing a relationship
with your mechanic you ensure that your vehicle
receives the best treatment possible for years to

Cleanliness is key. By washing your vehicle
weekly you avoid corrosion and damage to paint.
Plus, you take a shower daily to look and feel
your best so why shouldn’t your auto get to “feel”
the same.

Change the oil. If you take nothing else from
this article please listen to this advice. Staying on
top of oil changed is crucial for a well-maintained
car. Although most mechanics will place a sticker
in your windshield reminding you of when to
change, a good rule of thumb to go by is no more
than 5000 km.

Check the tire pressure. No sound annoys
and petrifies drivers more than that of a tire
popping and, Murphy’s Law, if it’s gonna happen
it’ll be when it’s pouring rain and you’re on the
highway. To avoid this moment of confusion and
humiliation, check your tire pressure regularly.
A good pattern to get into would be to check the
tires, using the gage on the air pump, every time
you get gas.