Tips & Tricks for Winterizing Your Car

Tips & Tricks for Winterizing Your Car

by Rachel Luisetto

On a cold winter morning you wake up late for work. You get ready in record time and rush to your car. As you head down the road you remember that once again you forgot to book an appointment to get your snow tires installed. You assure yourself you’ll be fine when suddenly, you hit a patch of ice and crash into a deep snow bank. You turn the car on to keep warm while waiting for help but your heating unit is apparently broken. Looking in the backseat, you realize you forgot your gloves, hat and snow boots at home.

No one wants a morning like this. Thankfully, Fashion Weekly has put together a list of the top 5 tips for winterizing your car that will help keep you safe this winter!


  1. Get Your Car Checked Out in the Fall

–          It’s best to do this before winter. Have a mechanic make sure your breaks, defrosting/heating unit and your battery are working properly.

  1. Check Windshield Wipers

–          Driving with low visibility is dangerous. Make sure your wipers are in good condition and full of wiper fluid. Carry a bottle in your car for safe measures.

  1. Install Snow Tires

–          Install snow tires onto your car for extra traction on ice.

  1. Keep Gas Tank Full

–          Having an empty tank during the cold temperatures can lead to condensation forming on the walls of the tank. The water can travel into the fuel lines, ultimately freezing and causing the gas to be blocked.

  1. Have an Emergency Safety Kit

–          This can easily be made for under $25 at your nearest Walmart! Include a first aid kit, a flashlight, bottled water, blankets, protein bars, an ice scraper, a candle and matches and any extra winter clothing you might need.

Quick tricks you might not have known:

–          To get rid of ice on your car windows fill a spray bottle with one part water and three parts vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar will melt the ice away! Spray it on at night to prevent the frost from building up.

–          Use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol to unfreeze frozen car locks.