Top Earning Women in Music 2012

Top Earning Women in Music 2012

JAN 2013


1. Britney Spears – $58 million
2. Taylor Swift – $57 million
3. Rihanna – $53 million
4. Lady Gaga – $52 million
5. Katy Perry – $45 million

We can all agree that 2012 has been one heck of a year for women in music. With tours, album sales and endorsements, our female stars have earned great sums of money in the past twelve months. The highest grossing female music star this year is none other than 31-year-old Britney Spears. Her new album “Femme Fatale”, certified platinum in the states and introduced a hit tour, which was the primary result in her large earnings. Other projects such as endorsements and her gig on The X-Factor, has brought her earnings to a whopping $58 million in the past year.

Sitting at number two on the list, our girl-next-door country princess, Taylor Swift. She has pulled in $57 million this past year. Earning about $1 million a night on her tour, and cashing in a large sum from her endorsement contract with Cover Girl. With her latest album ‘RED’ climbing the charts, she is guaranteed more cash on the way.

Rihanna ranks third with $53 million; she also had a busy touring schedule this past year as well as endorsements with Nivea skin care and Vita Coco coconut water. To top it off she also has a new fragrance by the name of Reb’l Fleur, which is catching women’s attention all over the world. Rihanna has definitely had a good year.

Lady Gaga sits at number 4 with $52 million; mainly heightened by touring and record sales. Gaga is always pulling out the hits, her unique personality has formed a cult of “little monsters” following her every move. Gaga’s new scent Fame has greatly represented who she is as an artist, and her fans are more than eager to throw down their cash in order to smell just like their Queen.

Katy Perry, positioned at the bottom of our top 5, has still earned an outrageous amount over the past year. Earning roughly $45 million in 2012, this California Girl continues to grasp our attention. Miss Perry is said to be the only musician, other than Michael Jackson, to have five top ranked singles from the same album, which in itself shows reason behind her great success.