Top Shops T.O

Top Shops T.O

may 2014

By: Christopher Mello


Find yourself lost when shopping in Toronto? Do you typically lean towards products everyone else has simply because it’s in trend? Well that’s a thing of the past, we at Fashion Weekly have taken the liberty of introducing all you fashion savvy readers the hottest locations for all your fashion shopping needs.


Lost + Found- (44 Ossignton Ave)


A menswear, coffee shop carrying designers from North America such as Filson, Gitman Brothers, Oak Street Bootmakers, Makr. A boutique with a clean slate carrying a more rugged and classic look for apperal.


VSP Consignment- (1594 Dundas St. West)


It’s as if Holt Renfrew decided to turn into a small boutique and sell second hand products. The boutique is an all womens wear carrying products of upscale lines, and layed out in a high-class manner. Carrying designers such as Burbery, Prada, Chanel, Club Monaco, etc carrying only trendy and vintage products.


Crywolf- (91 Ossington Ave)


A fun and lively store that designs their own tshirts and tank tops and carrys the adorable cotton organic plushies and dog face necklaces.


Working Title- (126 A Davenport Rd)


A combination of a menswear store, a coffee shop and bookstore all crammed under one roof. So while updating your closet you can enjoy a nice cup of joe while you skim through the novels in the basement.


North Standard Trading- (1662 Queen St. West)


If Canadian culture had to be summed up into a location for shopping, this store would be a perfect example. The North Standard Trading has the coziness we hunt for while having the classic Canadian stripes and of course Canadian tuxedo with exposed raw wood for fixtures giving a rustic look.


Slyvie Shimmy- (1640 Queen St. West)


A 21st century walk in dollhouse having almost every piece aside from the clothing has been sourced from Korea, evoking a grownup like tea party. The field of the clothing and store have a cute little cupcake like mood, making you want to try on the dresses and frolic around or twirl until your insides want to come out.


Ani + Wren- (1172 Yonge St)


Just about the location of where all the hip and cool pregnant women go for clothing and accessories. This modern take on maternity has grasped Toronto by storm, drawing in new customers on the daily, bring a new trend to the streets rather then relaying on the typical retail clothing stores in shopping malls, and the usual Queen Street look.



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