Toronto Men’s Fashion Week 2015

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week 2015

Spring 2015

by Rachel Luisetto

Just looking back at some of the happenings of Toronto, we wanted to highlight something that is blossoming its’ reputation rapidly and in the cold month of February- we all became a little less gloomy as the second ever TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week graced the city with a week full of luxurious menswear runway shows. Toronto Men’s Fashion Week puts spotlight on up and coming Canadian menswear designers as well as already established ones in a way to showcase their talents to the world.

Just Ta Designs


There were number of unforgettable shows this year including Just Ta Designs by Alan Ta. The show featured lots of loose-fitted clothing with dropped hemlines and dropped crotches. The designs included navy blue, bold red, muted plaid pieces and not to mention the memorable furry eyebrows the models sported with each outfit.

Patrick Salgona 2

Another notable show was designer Patrick Salonga’s post-apocalyptic and war inspired designs. It featured lots of draped, layered looks with muted/earthy tones, dropped crotches and military inspired touches such as mesh hazard masks, dog tags, body harnesses, tactical backpacks and combat boots.

Christopher Bates 3

Wrapping up Toronto Men’s Fashion Week was the designer Christopher Bates with his new collection ‘Modular’. The designs were influenced by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The looks were very sleek, sharp, fitted and emitted a sense of power and control. Lamb suede, wool and Italian leather were some of the materials used as well as colours like black, grey, dark red and dark blue. Christopher Bates did an excellent job paying attention to the geometry and architect of each piece.

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Just Ta Designs:

Patrick Salonga: Photographer: Shayne Gray

Christopher Bates: Photographer: Shayne Gray