Transform Your Summer Wardrobe To A Fall With One Dress At A Time

Transform Your Summer Wardrobe To A Fall With One Dress At A Time

Sept 2013

Catherine Feret

With the cold weather approaching we might be encouraged to buy a completely new wardrobe. Yet it does seem a shame to have to put away our lovely dresses. Well, there are some great ways to adapt your fall wardrobe so you can wear summer dresses in transition.



Leggings are a great way of extending your summer dresses into the fall season. This is a look that suits younger women as well as  older women. The trick is to pick the right dress.



2. Colourful TIGHTS

Another way to wear your summer dresses in fall is to pop on a pair of tights. In fact, this can give you the opportunity to glam up a plain dress and give it a completely different look. For example, a plain green dress that goes well with tanned legs would also look amazing with some leopard-print tights.


3. cute CARDI

Sometimes as the weather cools down you find it´s your shoulders that get cold rather than your legs. If this is the case, try throwing a cute cardigan over your summer dress. Carrying a cardi is really useful when the days are still warm, but the evenings tend to get a bit chilly.


4. Add a T-SHIRT

Another example of how to wear summer dresses for fall is to slip on a t-shirt underneath. This kind of look tends to suit young women better. Make sure that the t-shirt is fitted, or the dress will not sit well on top. Look at the darker colours in the dress when picking a T-shirts.


5. Beautiful BOOTS

You can also get some extra wear out of your summer dresses in fall by wearing them with boots. Once the weather is cool enough, boots can actually look pretty good worn with a summer dress.



Covering up with a wrap or a huge scarf is a brilliant way of wearing your summer dress on cooler days. It also gives you the chance to add more color or contrast.

So, if you´ve been wondering how to wear summer dresses for fall, here are plenty of ideas! It´s always a shame to have to put away those pretty dresses until next year, so with these tips you can enjoy wearing them for longer! Have you found any creative ways of wearing summer dresses in fall?