Trending Books for November 2015

Trending Books for November 2015

By Harija Ravi

The Looks of Love: 50 Moments in Fashion That Inspired Romance


Author Hal Rubenstein tackles the timeless topic of fashion looks through movies, television, music, fashion, politics and advertising. In this book Rubenstein reveals how style affects the way the audience see’s gender roles, sexuality and more. Rubenstein focuses on aspects such as John Galliano, Nancy Reagan, Cobain and Courtney Love. Rubenstein’s style is romantic and ironic; he knows how to make us tear up and when we want to laugh.

Where’s Karl?

whereskarl- TRENDING BOOKS

A Fashion-Forward Parody by Stacey Caldwell, Ajiri Aki and Michelle Baron. Imaginary fashion blogger Fleur takes readers to the trendiest places around the world, from a photoshoot in Marrakech to Art Basel in Miami. The whole concept of this book is to spot Karl through the crowd along with other members of the fashion elite.

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