Troubling the Taste buds Battling the Eco Push Towards an Organic Civilization

Troubling the Taste buds Battling the Eco Push Towards an Organic Civilization

April 2014

By: Christopher Mello


With the world becoming more of a health conscious society, the demand of organic, gluten free and whole grain products has risen tremendously, at point where said products must be sold at grocery stores and farmers market. Lately in Toronto, we have seen a major increase in this demand, especially with the organic outcast. 


Being such an open and multi-cultural city, its a hard thing to say no to carrying products from a certain country, since the city is well versed in every culture you can imagine- hence why depending the location of the grocery store, you will find certain products that pertain to a certain culture or location in the world. In Toronto, we find over eight organic restaurants, but who’s to say these restaurants or even grocery stores all 100% organic? Truth is the only way you can tell is by reading a label, which is not offered in restaurants, meaning; hope your taste buds can taste the difference. 


Customers who eat only organic tend to prefer to shop at farmers markets and grocery stores for these products, for the main reason being that they can read the label and find out what exactly they are indigestion. Tip one, if your reading the ingredients, and you can’t recognize a word like monosodium glutamate, then it’s an automatic red flag about the product not being a 100% organic produce. 


So to all the organic loving people out there, make sure your reading what you’re spending your hard earned cash, especially since a strawberry is generally priced at $10 for a box.