True Beauty is Jeanne Lottie

True Beauty is Jeanne Lottie

August 2013

Walking up to the Pink House, it seems as though you’ve escaped the city and entered into a fantastical world filled with flowers, candy and imagination. Deep in the heart of Yorkville, Jeanne Lottie, as a brand, has created a truly unique shopping experience. The Pink House is, in fact, a pink house settled between tall city buildings. The stark, yet pleasant, difference makes an already great brand even greater.


Jeanne Lottie means true happiness in Chinese and it is something you truly feel while shopping within the store. Its beautiful layout is decorated in bright colors and whimsical designs—elaborate gold-framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers and gorgeous wood flooring. This is simply the backdrop to a well-developed and coveted brand of clutches and handbags.


True happiness to designer Jane Ip means true beauty, and her lines are truly beautiful. She has a wonderful philosophy about happiness in that we all have different ways to enjoy life, each of us at a different stage of happiness, no stage better than the other. The brand aims to remind you of this; you are to feel the joy as you walk in.


On our visit to the store, we were able to get a sneak peek at the fall collection. Jane states her inspiration as the customers she interacts with—she desires to give them what they want. And this season, she aimed for a more city feel. Her favourite collection within the line was the patent leather collection ($85-$240), which are suitable for all seasons. These bags are perfect for women that are looking for an extravagant, yet practical bag.


We loved that Jeanne Lottie offers both higher end leather bags and high quality PU bags ($85-$100)—it allows everyone to enjoy Jeanne Lottie. The entire leather collection was gorgeous. Our favourite was the large royal blue carry-all tote, complete with the new brand plate. Another exciting feature of the line was the return of the backpack. The bags allow you to be hands-free while shopping, working or even studying! For those who love value, there is also an olive green 2 in 1 bag with enough space for your laptop and is perfect for travelling!


After 28 years and much praise and recognition, we asked Jane what her proudest moment was as a designer and her answer surprised us in the best way possible. She was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for contribution to Canadian society through her fundraising work for breast cancer research. She brought the medal to Hong Kong to share with her mother and her mother wore it with so much pride. To see her mother with such pride was all the recognition she needed.


Look for her new collection or check out the classics at Jeanne Lottie on 32 Scollard Street in Yorkville or online at!