Trump Tower

Trump Tower

Jan 2015

By: Natalie Spence

 Main Lobby

The Trump tower in Toronto, which was unveiled back in 2012, is an impressively luxurious 65-storey skyscraper, located in the financial district. It overlooks the city of Toronto and has an amazing view of Lake Ontario. The tower is brilliantly designed and features a restaurant, two bars/lounges, and a spa where you can do your hair, makeup and nails. If you want to get some fitness in, there is also a gym, which has an amazing view to look at while you work out, and a swimming pool available, among many other features. The tower architecturally adds a beautiful touch to the Toronto skyline.

PoolGymHair SalonNail Bar


When you walk in, an incredibly welcoming staff greets you and you are instantly at ease. The lobby is beautiful; it’s composed of dark, black, and white shades, this colour scheme is consistent throughout the tower. There’s a Swarovski encrusted floral sculpture behind the front desk of the lobby, which is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. The lobby floors are sparkling and made of black granite.  The main floor contains one of two of the bars located in the tower, then as you make your way up, the second bar and lounge, along with a restaurant is located. The restaurant’s interior is a classic design with white walls, which has gorgeous floral patterns carved into the walls, and beautiful black drapes and chandeliers. There’s also a balcony outside of the restaurant with seats for you enjoy the stunning view.

Resident LobbyRestaurantRestaurant Balcony


The Quartz Crystal spa is a soothing atmosphere with areas specified for messages, manicures and pedicures, a hair salon and a makeup bar. This floor is also where the swimming pool is located; it’s a salt-water infinity pool, and adjacent to it, is a whirlpool. The gym is located close by, with a breathtaking view.  The residents of the tower have a separate lobby and it has exquisite dark chandeliers, a mirrored ceiling, and white walls. The Trump tower is a lavishly luxurious hotel and condo, with an ingenious design. Accompanied by a marvelous staff and great amenities, you will love your visit to Trump.

Quartz Spa