Two Popular Chefs and Their Tips

Two Popular Chefs and Their Tips

June 2013



BBQ season is fast approaching, and who better to teach us the ways of the grill than grill master, Bobby Flay.


According to Flay’s website, the number one question he receives from grillers, both beginners and experienced, is how to tell when the meat is done.

Here are his guidelines:

1. Put the food down on the grill and give it a chance to cook. Try to avoid moving it around constantly, only turning it every few seconds.

2. Don’t cut into your meat to see if it’s cooked through. Instead, use the poke method to check the doneness of meat. Poke the meat with your fingertips. Feels soft and squishy? The meat is rare. Does it feel firm (like when you press your finger to the tip of your nose)? The meat is medium. If the meat feels “as taut as a trampoline”, it is well-done.

“When in doubt, it’s better to undercook than overcook. You can always put food back on the fire if you need to.”

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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most internationally renowned chefs.

Here are his tips on cooking his favourite breakfast, scrambled eggs.

1. Break the eggs into a cold pan and add cold butter.

2. Never whisk the eggs prior to placing them on the heat. Once you put the pan on the heat, you can start whisking

3. The secret behind perfect scrambled eggs: start at a high heat, take it off the heat, put it back on the heat. Do this three or four times.

4. “Treat the eggs like a risotto”: Don’t stop stirring!

5. Once the eggs are settled, take off the heat and add crème frache (important: it will help cool off the eggs so they don’t continue cooking off the heat) and season.