Uncluttering Your Car

Uncluttering Your Car

March 2013

By Stephen N

When it comes to cleaning out your car, putting off the unbearable mess tends to happen more frequently than not. Let’s face it; a lot of us have crazy and hectic routines that we go through everyday. Some of us basically live out of our cars, so there is no doubt that after a while things get piled up; fast food wrappers, parking tickets, gym bags, water bottles, and hygiene products. Before you bust out the vacuum and expensive cleaners, you should consider evaluating what needs to be in your car and what has to go. Here are some tips from Sue Brenner of unclutterer.com.


The Ideal

If you envision your car exactly the way you want it, what would it look like? What things would be useful for emergencies? What things would you want to keep to a minimum? Keep the ideal in mind. It’s good to have a goal to move toward achieving. With small steps, you can make it happen.

Divide and Conquer


Divide your car into zones before you begin, this could include: the driver’s quadrant, the front passenger’s side, the space behind the seats, and second-row seating. Unclutter one section at a time, and be sure to have a recycling bin and trashcan handy for the apple cores and junk mail.

Do I Need This?

You will want to get rid of what you don’t need or what never should have found it’s way into the car initially. An extra pair of safety scissors? That may be a keeper for your car. Four coffee mugs? Probably not.

The 3-Bag Approach

Along with your trash and recycling bins, bring three grocery bags with you when you clean out your car. Label the first one “Does Not Belong Here” Write on the next one, “Give Away/Return,” and label the final one, “Storage.” Each bag will serve as a receptacle for the variety of things that found their way into your car.

Junk in the Trunk

Just like you did for the interior, you can section off your trunk into sections. Starting with one small area will help you sift through the jackets, dig out the suitcase from last month’s business trip, and take out the ski gear from January’s family vacation. Getting through a section will motivate you to clear out the other stuff jammed in there. Continue the 3-Bag approach to fully de-junk your trunk.


After all that uncluttering, all your car needs is a good vacuum and a nice polish. When all of this is done, reward yourself with something sweet. Now enjoy your CLEAN and ORGANIZED car!