Upgrade Your Car in 4 Easy Steps

Upgrade Your Car in 4 Easy Steps

October 2013

By: Jennifer Chen


A car is like a traveling home. When our friends and family members sit in our car, we want them to feel comfortable yet get a sense of our personality.  Here are five easy ways to make your car feel more you.


Get a customized license plate

These one-time investments are a bit pricey starting at $251.65 so make sure to get a message you honestly love.  You can make it fun and cheeky like MMMBACON or something a bit more serious like ALLRISE (if you’re a judge). Let it represent the driver you want to be in on freeway.


Keep it clean

The last things you want in your mobile home are coffee stains on the seats and pet hair all over the floor.  A quick solution for stains is to mix 2 parts water, 1 part white vinegar, and a squirt of dish detergent to dissolve stains over time. As for pet hair, wipe seats and carpets with either a dryer sheet or some scotch tape. Your car will look and feel instantly newer.


And the air fresh

Scent is essential in creating a comforting environment. Whether to mask the scent of your pet’s accidents or induce a more calm surrounding while getting past traffic, the Slatkin & Co ScentPortables will fulfill all your scent needs. These ScentPortables diffuse scent of its own without batteries, flames, etc; and come in an array of seasonal scents like Spiced Cider and more permanent ones like Sweet Pea. Holders start at $4.50 and each scent refill is only $3.50!



Decorations can be as subtle or bold as you want. From a leopard print steering wheel cover to a simple charm hanging off your rear view mirror, these personal touches add interest. However, avoid having too many decorations; they can feel overwhelming and be a hazard if they’re blocking your mirrors.