Urban Eco-Living in Toronto

Urban Eco-Living in Toronto

April 2014

Samantha L.

As the demand for eco-friendly living increases, the real estate market is supplying prospective buyers with even more options. The landscape of downtown Toronto has vastly changed in the past decade and with the countless cranes in view, it is clear it will continue to change on a daily basis. Condominium developers in the city are attempting to transform urban-living into an eco-friendly environment.

            Tridel is leading the pack in terms of developing residences that comply with continuously changing requirements for sustainable living. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was administered by the Canada Green Building Council as a rating system to promote the standards of sustainability. Numerous projects from Tridel are looking for the LEED certification.


Three Hundred Front Street West is part of the Tridel’s Built Green. Build for Life communities. Each suite is built with environmentally preferable materials, including low volatile organize compound paints, hardwood flooring and energy efficient windows. The AQUALINA takes a step further with its pursuit of the LEED Platinum Certification, with suites that produce as much energy as it uses.

Tridel, itself, won the 2006 Green Toronto award for its efforts to “promote health, environmentally friendly, sustainable condominium living.” Their initiative aims to provide new technologies, cost efficient operations and overall healthy living. Suites are designed to use less electricity, gas and water to encourage buyers concerned about operating costs.

            Keep your eye out for a new and certainly unique condo to open late 2015. Although not a Tridel property, TAS are set to open the DUKE Condos in the Dundas and Keele area of the Junction. Suites have eco-friendly features such as in-suite energy recovery ventilators, a green roof and terrace planters for in-home gardening.


            If you aren’t in the market for a new condo, there are always options to provide an eco-friendly environment in the home you’ve already created! Consider new energy-efficient appliances or conduct a home-energy assessment to find other areas of improvement!