Urban Outfitters: Store Style

Urban Outfitters: Store Style

April 2013

Kyla N

Best described as trendy, current and edgy, Urban Outfitters’ success continues to grow as an empire. Not only is their fashion taste impressive, but also so is their eye for interior design. Not only does Urban Outfitters sell clothing and accessories, they have a wide range of decor for the home. Needless to say, they have a wonderful reflection on their impeccable taste on the store floors.


            The inspiration for the layout and design of the branch of Urban Outfitters stores is vintage-inspired, earthy and hip. Walking into a UO transports you to the nearest hipster apartment that pulls out all the stops. The different levels, the appropriate decorative touches throughout the store, and the transition of styles between different sections all tie together.


            UO is a store unique in itself and takes pride in appealing to every customer. Their layout is a fabulous reflection on UO as a whole because it complements and reflects the style that they sell.