Volunteering Abroad: Awarding and Life Changing

Volunteering Abroad: Awarding and Life Changing

april 2013

erika l.


Looking for a new travel destination? Why not try something different! Look into volunteering with one of the best NGOs (Non Government Organizations) listed by the Global Journal. The best part about it is that there are a number of countries to pick from. Start planning a meaningful volunteer holiday by giving back and get inspired by a life-changing trip.



Non-Government Organizations work independently and hope to provide development with the help of volunteers. Some less developed countries, like Africa and India, hope to create opportunity, education, food and other basic necessities to those affected by poverty. One organization is ‘Pratham’, which provides education to the less fortunate in India. Another organization is the ‘Water For People’ foundation that is working to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation projects. For those animal lovers, there are a number of orphanages and rehabilitation centres. One of the most famous organizations is the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) who’s main aim to conserve wildlife and is location in over 100 countries.



The website that provides information for a large number of volunteering programs like schools, orphanages, wildlife, hospitals, etc., is www.oneworld365.org. These Volunteer vacations typically cover accommodation, food, transportation, etc., which range from $400-$2000+. While the average duration of a trip can vary from 2-8 weeks, you can bet yourself that you will not want to leave.


The best part about any vacation is immersing yourself in a different culture. What better way than trying it first hand? These vacations allow you see the country, meet the people and experience so much more. So what’s stopping you? Check out the website for more information and make your next trip a rewarding one.