What’s new at the AGO

What’s new at the AGO

May 2013

By Ashley D.


The Art Gallery of Ontario is full of fun, new, and fresh exhibits to be explored.  Anyone who has the slightest interest in art, but doesn’t always understand it, will greatly appreciate what the AGO has to offer this season. Everyone will walk away with some questions, some emotion, and some new perspective. “Lost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller” (April 6 – August 18) This multimedia artwork emphasizes aural and visual experiences that transport the viewer to other realms of consciousness.  This piece is highly scripted, meticulously detailed and often cinematic in range, breaking down distinctions between fiction and everyday reality.  Another captivating display to check out is “Self-Portrait. As I think of myself” (April 13- December 8) In today’s society; everyone loves to critic others, when really the most judgement is on themselves. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “The mirror, above all, the mirror is our teacher.”


Art is all around us. We see artistic work on the walls, on peoples clothing, and even on their faces; it’s a beautiful thing we can have fun with.  If you want to experience a new culture and experience new feelings, go on down to the AGO and don’t be afraid to explore what they have to offer.