Where to Donate Clothes

Where to Donate Clothes

March 2014

Lianne Beland

We’ve almost reached the time of year that means warmer temperatures, longer days, and the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation.  It is one of the best times of year to give ourselves a fresh start.  Maybe even the fresh start that we didn’t necessarily get the chance to have in the beginning of the new year.  One of the best things to do to begin the Spring is to clean and to reorganize all of our belongings.  Spring cleaning might not sound very enjoyable, but throwing out or even donating items that we no longer need or use is actually very refreshing.  One of the best parts of it, is that even though we may not need the things we are getting rid of, someone else might.  Instead of throwing the things that you no longer want in the trash, why not donate them?  There are many stores and organizations all over Canada that will gladly take the things you no longer need and donate them, or sell them for a good cause.  Donating to any of the following associations will be beneficial to you, to those in need, and also to society as a whole. 


Goodwill, one of the most popular corporations that accepts second hand clothing and household item donations is an excellent place to donate.  It focuses on providing job opportunities for those who have difficulties finding employment because of disabilities or even language or race barriers.  On top of that, the money they make by selling donated goods is donated to charity.3

Similarly, The Salvation Army is an excellent place to donate clothing and household items.  This non-government association focuses on ending poverty by providing clothing, food, shelter and even detox treatment to families and individuals in need. 


Another excellent place to donate your goods is to the Canadian Diabetes Association.  This association is focused on ensuring the best quality of life to people with diabetes by helping them access medication and medical supplies, health professionals, employment and insurance.  One of the great things about this association is that they arrange to pick up the goods that you have chosen to donate if you are unable to bring them to a donation center.










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