Why Pilates is WORTH the Hype

Why Pilates is WORTH the Hype

November 2013

By: Jennifer Chen


You’ve heard about Pilates from your best friend, fellow gym members, and all over the media. It’s supposedly how celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Reese Witherspoon maintain their bikini perfect bodies at all time. Like me, you’ve probably tried many of these so called “new breakout exercises” that promise Victoria’s Secret model abs and dancer legs. While you may not have gotten such results from past fads, starting Pilates will be one decision you won’t regret.


  1. It Improves Your Strength

In Pilates, you are stretching and then contracting your muscles. This allows the muscles to get lean and not bulky. Because you are using your own body weight as resistance, your effort will determine how hard you will work. Likewise, through Pilates, you learn to control your core through breathing (known as the powerhouse as Pilates) which becomes the center of strength for your entire body.


  1. You Will Look and Stand Taller

One of the reasons celebrities who practice Pilates look so great is because they’re all standing tall with great posture. Pilates helps realign your spine and ligaments, preventing future back and joint injury while straightening your body. The best thing is, you will soon start standing straight and proud on your own from the conditioning of the Pilates exercises.


  1. Increases in Flexibility

Due to the dynamic stretching elements found in Pilates moves, your muscle tension will slowly diminish, allowing a greater amount of movement in your joints. Flexibility is essential to your overall fitness and vitality as it helps your joints remain healthy as you age. It also improves blood circulation, giving you more energy throughout the day.


  1. Better Focus

From the breathing elements emphasized in Pilates, your mind will learn to clear itself from outside thoughts during each exercise.  Through releasing muscle tension in the stretches and strength training, a calming aroma will be achieved. The release of tension combined with the release of endorphins from exercise will make you more focused and at ease, even in your daily life.