Why Stick Shifts Will Become Extinct

Why Stick Shifts Will Become Extinct

November 2013

By: Jennifer Chen


            In this day and age, when teenagers first learn to drive, it is rarely ever on a stick shift. With this increasing trend towards the newer generations, fewer and fewer know or have interest in driving a manual-transmission car. It is this upheaving trend that is causing many carmakers to offer fewer models with a manual option. After all, only 5% of the new cars bought in Canada last year were manual.


            Previously, fans of stick shifts liked the three-pedaled car for its better fuel efficiency and more affordable pricing. However, with some of the new automatic transmissions released this year, this is no longer the case. Cars like the 2012 Honda Fit and 2012 Ford Focus actually perform more efficiently compared to their manual options. Also, with stick shift cars becoming less popular, carmakers like GM are now pricing the automatic and manual versions at the same price.


            Likewise, with technology booming and the increase in demand for hybrids and electric cars, there is just no need for stick shifts. These modernized cars make driving simpler and already include the fuel efficiency found in manual cars. With the declining demand for stick shift models in the younger generations, most car models no longer even have a manual transmission option. After all, out of all hybrids, only the Honda CR-Z has a manual option.


            Now many know that the sportier cars always include a stick shift option due to its ability to have a more unique gearbox to add speed. While this may have been the case for the past several years, 2014 may be the start of a change. It is reported that the 2014 Jaguar F-Type will only be available in an automatic setting. If this trend continues with other carmakers, it is likely that stick shifts will slowly be removed from the market within the next 20 years.


            If you are still interested in one day owning a stick shift, it is likely wise that you better act fast.