WMCFW 2015: Lucian Matis

WMCFW 2015: Lucian Matis

By Dina El Hallak

Lucian Matis is a Canadian designer born in Romania. He studied fashion design in Ryerson University and launched his first collection at L’Oreal Fashion Week Toronto in 2007. As a child, Lucian Matis helped his mother with her tailor shop where he practiced the art of embroidery and perfected it with time. This year, he continued to impress the crowd in the 2015 Toronto fashion week with his astonishing collection of dresses. Designer Matis chose a floral pattern as a main theme to represent the spring season. All the models wore floral headpieces and the clothes were all inspired by this pattern. However, the colors and styles varied a lot from dress to dress. He used flashy and neutral color palettes, which made his collection more or less diverse. His mix of chic and classy ready-to-wear dresses attracts a myriad of different people from both ends of the fashion spectrum. It seems clear that Matis got inspired by the Greek style to supplement the season of blossoms and floral beauty.



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